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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I bring my dog to daycare?

Daycare allows your dog to socialize with other dogs, play with other dogs and receive the exercise they need. A tired dog truly is a happy dog and dogs thrive best when they are with their “Pack” or other members of their species. If you have a dog with separation anxiety, daycare is also great because it gives them a fun and safe place to go while you are at work or away from home. Please note: non-neutered male dogs can not be accepted.

How is your boarding different than traditional boarding?

Our boarding is different than traditional boarding because when a dog boards with us, they get to play all day in our daycare area instead of being in a kennel all day. The only time they are in their kennel is to eat and when it is time to go to bed.

What should I bring when dropping my dog off for daycare?

If it is your first time coming to our facility, we need your complete application as well as proof of the following vaccines; rabies, distemper, bordetella.  OTC flea, tick, and lice prevention is highly, HIGHLY recommended.  Please bring their collar as well as a leash. If your dog is used to getting fed during the day or requires any medications, please bring those too.

What should I bring when dropping my dog off for boarding?

The most important thing you can bring when dropping off your dog for boarding is their own food. Your dog’s stomach gets adjusted to their food, so having a different type of food could cause them to have an upset stomach. Bringing your own food will make sure that doesn’t happen. If you are unable to bring your own food, we can provide food for your dog for an additional fee. We supply Wellness brand dog food. If your dog requires any medications, please bring that as well as their leash and collar. We provide Kuranda beds in the kennels. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate large dog beds brought from home.

Will my little dog be in the same play area as the big dogs?

No, we have a separate play area specifically for little dogs. They will still receive the same things as the big dogs like the K9 grass, beds, toy, water and attention.

Can you give my dog their medications?

Yes, we can give your dog their oral or topical medication if needed. Please bring their medication with you and let us know during drop off. (We are not staffed to give injections.)

What happens if I don't pick up my dog by closing time?

Your dog will be comfortably boarded in one of our spacious kennels, given a light supper (provided no food allergies are noted on the application), given access to fresh water and a clean, cozy bed. They will rest easy knowing  you are picking them up the next day.

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